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Love Seats always hold a leading position among all upholstered furniture. The secret of this seating furniture lies in its simplicity. The usual reliability and spacious enough that manufacturers often complementary functional drawers for linen and decorative cushions.

Love Seats can be safely called a classic furniture production. It will perfectly fit in the interior of a small bedroom, and the interior of the spacious living room.

Modern love seats come in two forms: with the mechanism of transformation and without it. The mechanism of transformation will allow to organize a couple of extra beds for your guests easily. Nowadays sofas gaining increasingly popular due to its compact size, functionality and lightweight appearance. As a rule, such a model is available in different styles and directions, so everyone can choose a suitable option.

Double sofa – a classic furniture production. It is appropriate in the interior of the living room and a small bedroom, which is so important economical space planning. Especially in small apartments, where both functions are performed by one room.