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Sleeper sofa has a traditional shape – padded seat with a backrest and handrails. It is used to rest sitting or lying down. However, it can be transformed into a bed and serve as a daily sleep place. Or for guests using. Most often, in our small apartments there is a need for more efficient use of precious meters, as there is no place so much, and sleep somewhere, and above all the owners and guests. Place to which are sent all at once someone comes into your room, the one who stands at the head of your room – a sofa. This item of upholstered furniture should be of course nice and handy, because for him to receive visitors and relatives. If you have a spacious living room, and gather with  big companies, then you definitely need a sofa bed, with two drawers for storage, upholstered in beautiful fabrics. And that would be better for such furniture were chairs, large and comfortable. In our catalog you will be able to buy Sleeper sofa with all sorts of mechanisms of transformation into a full bed for every day. His model of upholstered furniture we decorate decorative elements made of wood, fabric and metal, which hardly increases the price. If possible, equip design drawers for storing clothes. Order we have a sofa bed in the living room – is not only the right to dispose of domestic space, but also money. On our website you can see all the possible options for a sofa bed and thereby learn a lot about them.